[this is obsolete] Aikido Club @ FSU

A Recognized Student Organization of Florida State University

Spring 2018 Schedule

WED, September 6  >>>>  week before finals ****

When: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday :
基本(Basics) - /short break around 7:00/ 応用(Advanced) - 8:00pm

All classes are open to all members. Beginners are encouraged to attend the Basics class and stay on to the second class.
If you have time conflicts, please attend the classes you can. Although we ask you to be on time, you may come late / leave early if it allows you to come practice at all.
No classes on FSU's legal holidays and during semester breaks.

Where: Tully Gym Combatives Room (basement) on FSU Campus (MAP)
Who: FSU student/faculty/staff  with an open mind to learn - No prior experience required.
 (Sorry!, but due to FSU regulations the club is not open to public.)
What: is Aikido? --- a link to 'AikidoFAQ.Com' 
Aikido terms & phrases: Aiki-test.pdf / Aiki-test.png
(if pdf version does not show Japanese chars)
How: Enroll any time. Follow the instructions HERE
If you are unsure but curious, please come watch any time - no forms necessary.

Please come 5 minutes before the class starts in soft workout suit (jogging pants, sweat/T-shirt etc.) or any martial art practice wear ((合気)道着/道衣/稽古着/Ghi/(Aiki-)Do-Gi(Ghi)/Do-I/Keiko-Gi/; There is no such word as /Gi/Ghi/ in Japanese details, details...). Although we would like you to train regularly, you may come when you can/want to.   PLEASE! Trim finger/toe nails short.  NO watches, jewelries etc. - they are not allowed on the mat for safety reasons. You may store watch/phone etc. in your backpack or shoes by the mat. Leave unnecessary valuables at home. Avoid short pants - wear ones that cover your knees.

$$$: $ free  (We may need to collect small $$ from regular members to fulfill the "raise $250 during the academic year" requirement by FSU Sport Club Council)

Eitaro "E.T." Kawaguchi
Click below to inquire (browser's Java feature required)

Please be sure to include the correct reply address, and mention "Aikido Club" in the subject line (automatic if you click the above link.)


(if below doesn't work, please come anyway. Club officers will help you get signed up.)

  1. Go to https://nolecentral.dsa.fsu.edu/organization/aikidoclubatfsu.
  2. If you see [sport-club-waiver-2014.pdf] form in the Documents section (scroll down), go to step 6
  3. If you don't see it, SIGN IN to nolecentral.dsa.fsu.edu with your FSU ID
  4. Go to the Aikido club page
  5. On the top of the page click on the tab that says documents
  6. Download the waiver form, print, sign, and bring to practice