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  Published Work

"Estimating the Effects of Human Rights Treaties on State Behavior." 2010. Journal of Politics 72(4): 1161-1174. (pdf) (replication files)

"Information Politics v Organizational Incentives: When are Amnesty International's "Naming and Shaming" Reports Biased?" (with Will H. Moore and Bumba Mukherjee) 2013. International Studies Quarterly 57(2): 219-232. (pdf) (appendix) (replication files)

"Modeling Terror Attacks: A Cross-National, Out-of-Sample Study." (with Ryan Bakker and Will H. Moore) 2014. In Understanding Terrorism: A Socio-Economic Perspective. Ed. Raul Caruso and Andrea Locatelli. Emerald Press. (pdf)

"An Empirical Evaluation of Explanations for State Repression." (with Zachary M. Jones). 2014. American Political Science Review 108(3): 661-687. (pdf)

"Modeling Two Types of Peace: The Zero-Inflated Ordered Probit Model in Conflict Research." (with Benjamin E. Bagozzi, Will H. Moore, and Bumba Mukherjee) Forthcoming. Journal of Conflict Resolution. (pdf) (appendix)

"Avoiding Obligation: Reservations to Human Rights Treaties." Forthcoming. Journal of Conflict Resolution. (pdf) (appendix)

  Works in Progress

The Concept of Personal Integrity Rights in Empirical Research. (IPSA Committee on Concepts and Methods Working Paper Series on Political Concepts #59) (pdf - more recent version)

Democracy and the Concept of Personal Integrity Rights in Empirical Research. (pdf - rework of paper above)

Why Governments Cede Sovereignty: Evidence from Regional Human Rights Courts. (earlier versions presented at the Multirights Summer Institute at the University of Oslo, 2013, and the Conference on the Domestic Politics of Human Rights Treaties at Princeton University, 2013) (pdf)

Political Institutions, Plausible Deniability, and the Decision to Hide Torture. (with Courtenay R. Conrad and Will H. Moore) (pdf)

Reciprocity, Democracy, and Transgressions of the Laws of War. (with Michael D. Ward) (pdf)

How Much Terror? Dissidents, Governments, Institutions, and the Cross-National Study of Terror Attacks. (with Will H. Moore and Ryan Bakker) (pdf) (appendix

   Stata Files

Files to estimate a Zero-Inflated Ordered Probit in Stata