Experimental Economics Class Material 


The Basics of Designing and Running and Economics Experiment
Kahneman & Tversky: Prospect Theory
Grether & Plott: Economic Theory of Choice and the Preference Reversal Phenomenon
Nagel: Unraveling in Guessing Games: An Experimental Study
Kagel & Levin: The Winner's Curse and Public Information in Common Value Auctions
Güth, Schmittberger, & Schwarze: An Experimental Analysis of Ultimatum Bargaining
Brandts & Solá: Reference Points and Negative Reciprocity in Simple Sequential Games
Andreoni: Cooperation in Public-Goods Experiments: Kindness or Confusion
Fehr & Falk: Wage Rigidity in a Competitive Incomplete Contract Market
Vernon Smith: An Experimental Study of Competitive Market Behavior
Market Efficiency
Lei, Noussair, & Plott: Non-Speculative Bubbles in Experimental Asset Markets: Lack of Common Knowledge of Rationality vs. Actual Irrationality

Classroom Experiments:

Bubble Experiment
Market with Risky Assets
Prospect Theory Experiment
Prospect Theory Experiment Gambles
Andreoni and Miller with Context
Vote Cycling with Context
Ultimatum Game Experiment
Auction with Information Purchase
Supergame Experiment
Matching Experiment
Experiment on Core
Nagel's Guessing Game
Andreoni and Miller with Context
Rock Paper Scissors
Mixed Strategy Equilibrium Experiment