About me

Chungshik Moon

PhD (May 2014). Department of Political Science, Florida State University.

I join the School of Politics and International Relations at Australian National University as lecturer (assistant professor) in July 2014 .


Motivation for studying Political Science

My motivation for studying political science is largely a product of the political environment of Korea, where I was raised. While in elementary school, I was subjected to a virulently anti- Communist education, and was conditioned to think that the United States was an unequivocally good nation. During Memorial Day celebrations, cartoon films were shown on television in which the North Korean army and Il-sung Kim were portrayed, literally, as demons and monsters. However, as time passed and I moved on to high school, I became aware of the anti-American movement conducted by college students and interest groups. One day, in the middle of smoky tear gas, I was forced to consider my past education in relation to what was happening around me. It was the first puzzle I met in my life. The resulting cognitive dissonance led to an interest in politics, and I decided to pursue a degree in political science to better understand these political divisions I experienced.


Department of Political Science, Bellamy 556, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL32306-2230
cm06h@fsu.edu, sarim799@gmail.com