Chih-Pu Dai

Chih-Pu Dai

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Ph.D. student in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies, Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems
College of Education
Florida State University.

My overarching research interests are designing and integrating immersive and experiential-oriented advanced learning technologies/ environments to enhance learning in STEM fields for K-12 and adult learners.

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Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL


    Major: Ph.D. in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies

Honors and Awards

The Gagné-Briggs Endowed Scholarship

Fall, 2018- Spring, 2019

    Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies, Florida State University


ResearcherFlorida State University-Summer, 2019-present

  • Work on the NSF grant research and design team of Mixed Reality Integrated Teaching Training for STEM Graduate Teaching Assistants (PI: Dr. Fengfeng Ke)
  • Work on the NSF grant research and design team of Mathematical Learning via Architectural Design and Modeling Using E-Rebuild (PI: Dr. Fengfeng Ke).

Graduate Research AssistantFlorida State University-Spring, 2019-Summer, 2020

  • Work on the NSF cyberlearning grant team of Physics Playground (PI: Dr. Valerie Shute) to develop learning support, collect data in middle schools, and disseminate research findings.
Refereed Journals
  1. Shute, V. J., Smith, G., Kamikabeya, R., Dai, C-P., Rahimi, S., Liu, Z., & Almond, R. G. (2020). The design, development, and testing of learning supports for the Physics Playground. [Special Issue: a Festschrift in honour of Jim Greer]. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education. [minor revision]
  2. Liu, Z., Moon, J., Kim. B., & Dai, C-P. (accepted). Integrating adaptivity to educational games: A combination of bibliometric and meta-analytics Review [Special Issue]. Educational Technology Research & Development.
Book Chapters
  1. Ke, F., Dai, Z., Dai, C-P., Pachman, M., Chaulagain, R., & Yuan, X. (2020). Designing Virtual Agents for simulation-based learning in Virtual Reality. In R. Zheng (Ed.), Cognitive and Affective Perspectives on Immersive Technology in Education. Hershey, PA: IGI Global
Conference Proceedings
  1. Pan, Y., Ke, F., Uysal, S., Clark, M. K., & Dai, C-P. (2020). Learning mathematics from history: A case study on learning support design with history of mathematics in GBL. Presentation at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences, Nashville, TN.
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Conference Presentations
  1. Dai, C-P. (2020, April). Promoting motivational and cognitive learning processes with game features: A literature review. Poster accepted at 2020 Annual Meeting, American Educational Research Association (AERA), San Francisco, CA.
  2. Dai, Z., Ke, F., Dai, C-P., Pachman, M., &Yuan, X. (2020, March). Exploring learners’ behavioral patterns in a simulation-based teaching training in virtual reality. Poster accepted at the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE) Spring 2020 conference, Arlington, VA.
  3. Dai, C-P., Park, Y., Mitchell, A. L. (2019, November). Future instructional designers’ perceptions of online Problem-Based Learning (PBL). Paper presented at 2019 Florida Educational Research Association (FERA) 64th annual meeting, St. Petersburg, FL.
  4. Dai, C-P. (2019, October). What makes a learning game effective?: A literature review of game design elements. Poster presented at 2019 Association for Educational Communications & Technology international convention (AECT), Las Vegas, NV.
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