In the year 2000, I started work at Ave Maria College of the Americas in Nicaragua. One of my colleagues, Peter Farrands, was working hard to launch The Nicaraguan Academic Journal, and we were all encouraged to contribute. Everyone involved in the editorial process took the issue of quality very seriously. I understand that some submissions were rejected, and this article was revised substantially in the light of criticisms put forward by my friend and colleague, Mike Patzia. I cannot say then that this article went through the normal academic process of peer-review, but I personally happen to think it is at least as good as any of my other academic publications. It appeared in The Nicaraguan Academic Journal, December 2001, Volume 2, Number 2. The journal's policy was that articles written in English, such as this one, would be accompanied by an abstract in Spanish.  As far as I know, the Nicaraguan Academic Journal is now defunct.
I'm grateful to Ileaneth Berrocal and her staff for scanning this for me.

"Evil, Analysis and Narrative", pdf document.

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