Brad O'Connor

Greetings! I am a research economist (Ph.D., Florida State University, 2012) with interests in Urban and Regional Economics, Industrial Organization, and Applied Econometrics. The primary focus of my current academic research agenda involves analyzing the effects of growth management policy and local land use regulations on the composition, development, and social welfare of urbanized areas. I am also interested in the application of theoretical and empirical spatial models to all manner of economic problems.

I am currently employed by Florida's largest trade organization, Florida Realtors, as its full-time Chief Economist. Note that this website—my academic research website—currently undergoes long periods of neglect due to my time commitment to Florida Realtors, and therefore the information herein should not be construed as current.

This site is always under construction. Updated sporadically.

Frequently-Neglected Email for General Inquiries: boconnor [at] fsu [dot] edu
Florida Realtors Email for Media Inquiries: brado [at] floridarealtors [dot] org