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Bradley E. Cox
Assistant Professor
Higher Eudcation

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

1210G Stone Building
1114 West Call Street
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4453

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phone number 850/644-6446


SPSS Add-Ins for Multilevel Modeling

While working on the Parsing Project, I developed three SPSS add-ins that facilitate multi-level analyses in SPSS (versions 17 and later). Although the add-ins were developed specifically for use with Parsing Project datasets, the add-ins can be used in any SPSS file that is similarly structured.

These two add-ins include macros for creating group- or grand-mean centered variables. The choice of how to center variables for multi-level analyses is critical; these add-ins do not help analysts make that choice. They simply automate the tedious process of creating centered versions of already existing variables.

Grand-Mean Centering Add-In for SPSS

Group-Mean Centering Add-In for SPSS

Multi-Level Regression (HLM Models)
This add in simplifies the interterface for creating multi-level models in SPSS.

Multi-Level Regression (HLM Models) Add-In for SPSS

Note: I do not have any formal help-files for these add-ins. Analysts looking to use these add-ins are welcome to email me with any questions.


Brad Cox